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Morning Ocean view
Full Moon at Vila Prea
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Vila Prea beachfront lawn and deck
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The Downwinders

Preá Beach - 10 km

10 km standard downwinder from Vila Prea to “the sign”

Downwinders are usually done towards the end of the afternoon but you can schedule a buggy for any time you want. In the case of the afternoon downwinder, the buggy will show up at 3:30 pm, and will follow you all along the coast of Prea village, into the National Park and all the way to the sign where you would make a left to go to Jeri, at the end of Preá beach. Read warnings below the map for more details or click it to enlarge!

Warning of potential dangers along first section of downwinder of Preá beach, click to enlarge!

What you should look out for along the downwinder:

1. As you leave the front of Vila Preá, make sure you stay clear of the learners from the school downwind of the hotel (downwind of the yellow buoy)

2. There are usually a couple of boats in the water in front of the village, make sure you stay clear of them and watch out for the rope tied to the anchor, in the water

3. Watch out for the rocks after the village (just before the National Park entrance), depending on how the tide is, you may, or may not, see the Pedra da Sereia (Mermaid’s rock), so make sure you stay clear (go out into the Ocean) to avoid them, and only go back towards the coast about 300 m after the first rocks.

4. That is about it, the next 7 km are pure bliss, sand dunes, sun setting and constant wind, enjoy the ecstasy of the downwinder! Just don’t forget to stop when you get to the sign (“plah-kah” in Portuguese), the buggy driver will have his buggy pointing upwind (facing back up the beach), he will land your kite, help you pack your equipment and drive back along the beach.

The cost for the downwinder is R$ 140 for 1 or 2 persons, R$ 150 for 3 persons and 4 kiters would pay R$ 180.

Tatajuba - 36 km

Suggested path for downwinder from Preá to Tatajuba with warnings!

Virtual downwinder

Click the pictures below to view a typical downwinder along Preá Beach!

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