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Horseback riding at sunset
Morning Ocean view
Full Moon at Vila Prea
Projection: Cylindrical (1) FOV: 138 x 96 Ev: 0.82
Vila Prea beachfront lawn and deck
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Local Maps & Access

South America

Preá is on the Northeast coast of Brazil, 3 degrees South of the Equator


Preá beach is on the Northeast coast of Brazil, 300 km West of Fortaleza

Click here for a large map of Brazil, with State names, National roads and River names.

Preá is located 300 km West of Fortaleza


Click the map to view a larger view of the road and beaches between Fortaleza and Preá – Jericoacoara

Click map to view larger view of section between Camocim - Jericoacaora and Icaraizinho

Click the map to view a larger view of the road and beaches between Jeri and Moitas

Click the map to view a larger view of the road and beaches between Icaraizinho and Fortaleza

Click the map to view a larger view of the road and beaches between Icaraizinho and Fortaleza

National Park
Map of the Jericoacoara National Park, includes Tatajuba to Aranau (30 km radius)

Jericoacoara National Park and it’s surroundings, click to enlarge

Preá beach

Detailed view of the activities and streets of Jericoacoara, in Ceara, Brazil

Jericoacoara streets, Sunset dune, Pedra Furada and activities!

Driving directions - CE-085
Click once on the maps to enlarge them.

Then,  in the UPPER RIGHT hand corner click the button  to view the map FULLSCREEN!

Map CE-085 Estruturante Litoranea, following the coast between Fortalea & Jericoacoara

Section of CE-085 between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara

When leaving Fortaleza, ask for directions to Caucaia, or ask how to get to the Estruturante Litoranea (it’s the local name of the CE-085 that goes to Preá).

Once in Caucaia, get onto the CE-085, if you see signs that look like to one in the upper right hand corner of the picture above, your on the right road, you will stay on it for the next 250 km. You will be heading TOWARDS Paraipaba (make sure not to go into Paraibapa as the CE-085 does not go through that town. Just keep on the main road at all times. Follow the signs that say “Jericoacoara”.

Map 1 of 3 of CE-085 Estruturante Litoranea between Fortalea & Jericoacoara

Section of CE-085 between Fortaleza and Paraipaba

After passing the Paraipaba area (you will notice restaurants, fruit stores and flower pot shops on both sides of the street) keep going on the CE-085, the next 120 km are full of long straight lines cutting through the native vegetation of the state of Ceara. Keep going until Itarema.

Map 2 of 3 of CE-085 Estruturante Litoranea between Fortalea & Jericoacoara

Section of CE-085 between Paraipaba and Itarema

You will go around Itarema (you would drive through town before the CE-085), look out for signs staying Acarau or Jijoca de Jericoacoara, you’re still on the CE-085.

Next village (about 15 km) is Juritianha, it’s has houses on both sides of the street. Another 15 km further, you will enter the town of Acarau. When you get the end of the main street, make a right up. When you get to the traffic light, go straight for about 2 km. When you get to the round-about with a big fish in the middle of it, make a right.

There are many bends and turns so drive slowly as the road is elevated about 7 to 10 meters on each side (because of floods during the rainy season). After about 8 km, you will drive over a bridge and the Acarau river and at the following round-about go straight (Cruz is on your left). There will be another round-about 1 km further, keep going straight for the next 25 km. When you get to Monteiros (or just afterwards, as there are two entrances) you will see a tourist guide hut on the right hand side of the road, and probably some guides. They will try convincing you that you need them, you don’t. Just follow the signs for Preá and Jericoacoara and you will be fine. Keep in mind that you have now gotten off the main road, and you are now on a dirt road (no more asphalt). You do not need a 4×4 to drive to Preá so no worries.

After 7 km you will be  going through a small village called Caicara, when you get to the square (with a large tree in the middle of the road), make a right and drive out of town. Preá is only 5 km away. Just follow the road until you get to the village. Once you get to the beach, give us a call, or stop a the Azul Do Mar restaurant and ask them to call Vila Preá (88)-3660-3158, we will come to meet you and assess the best way to handle the last kilometer of your trip, most probably along the beach, just make sure you don’t venture on your own as the tides can be a little bit tricky!

Map 3 of 3 of CE-085 Estruturante Litoranea between Fortalea & Jericoacoara

Section of CE-085 between Itarema and Preá – Jericoacoara

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