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Environmental friendly & wild-bird refuge

Natural environment

 Built on stilts, the nature-conscious bungalows improve ventilation for guests and reduce the impact of building on the environment.

Complying with the latest state environmental regulations, all the used-water is sent to an approved treatment plant on site.

In addition to the quiet beach only meters away from your cabana, over 400 coconut trees and many other species of flowers were planted on the property, providing you with a lush tropical forest feeling. As a result of this abundant vegetation, many birds, from wild parrots to humming birds, have chossen Vila Prea as a shelter for reproduction and living freely.

Click on the tabs above to meet some of the residents 😉


The Swallow-tailed hummingbird, from birth to flight:


The Green-barred woodpecker eating ants from the coconut trees:


Our local Burrowing owl:

Many other endangered species

A few other common Northeast Brazil birds:

The Picui Ground-dove                  The Red-cowled Cardinal                                   The Great Kiskadee
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