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Morning Ocean view
Full Moon at Vila Prea
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Dune buggy excursions

Jeri shuttle

Jericoacoara – Preá shuttle, 15 to 20 minutes by dune buggy

The village of Preá is located 12 km East of Jericoacoara. The access is done by dune buggy along the beach and in between sand dunes. It´s a pleasurable 15 to 20 minute ride through the National Parc.

A simple return trip to Jeri is R$ 240 for up to 4 people. In between 24 pm and 7 am they will ask for R$ 400.

The driver picks you up from the front desk at Vila Preá and drives you straight to Jeri.
Please remember to pay the buggy drivers directly, upon return to Vila Preá.

Make sure to pay the driver upon arrival!
Late night trips require a 4 hour notice
Book trips in advance to avoid having to wait
Blue lagoon
Dune buggy trip inside the National Park of Jericoacoara, leaving from Vila Prea, through the National Parks sand dunes and to Paradise Lagoon and lunch at Blue Lagoon

Lagoa Azul & Lagoa Paraiso excursion inside Jericoacoara National Park to crystal clear-water lagoons

The lagoons are close to Preá. This rather relaxed excursion will start with a buggy drive up the “Heart dune” from where you will apreciate panoramic view of the Ocean, the National Parc, and your next stop, Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon).

This is a great spot to relax, read a book while dipping your toes in cool water and enjoy sea-food snacks & drinks. Those seeking a little action can rent kayaks or snorkeling gear and go explore the crystal clear waters.

If you want to see more, Lagoa Paraiso (also called Lagoa da Jijoca) can be added to the excursion, if requested it may include a stop for drinks on the way around the lake. The trip back to the Vila will be via the National Parc.

Dune buggy trip inside the National Park of Jericoacoara, leaving from Vila Prea, stopping by the Pedra Furada, past Jericoacoara, up the Guriu river to see sea-horses and back to Prea

Dune buggy excursion to the famous Pedra Furada and then onto the Guriú river to see wild Sea-horses

This tour will show you the beauty of the National Parc on the area as well as the variety of protected wildlife. First we will stop at the intriguing rock formation that is the Pedra Furada, and check-out vistas of the coastline from the top of the ‘Serrote’.

Then we will move onto Guriú, where you will go up-river on a boat through the mangroves to find the sea-horses and look out for other marine life.

On the way back, you can stop in Jericoacoara and take a walk around the town, climb the Duna Por Do Sol for the sunset and watch ‘capoeira’ on the beach just afterwards.

Dune buggy trip inside the National Park of Jericoacoara, leaving from Vila Prea, past Jeri, across the Guriu river along Tatajuba beach, through some petrified sand dunes to Tatajuba lagoon for lunch and back to Prea

Tatajuba dune buggy excursion, through National Park, across Guriu river, to Tatajuba lagoon

This adventurous dune buggy tour will take you along Jericoacoara, through the National Park’s sand dunes, across rivers and along endless beaches to Tatajuba lake.

You will drive by the sand dunes that buried the old village years ago, then through Nova Tatajuba which is the new city where the people relocated. You will drive between the petrified dunes then up the largest dunes of the park to finally end at the remote lake, where fresh sea-food, tropical juices and caipirinhas are available!

Note: Setting up the time for this excursion will depend on the tides.

Kitesurfing trips?

Vila Preá offers several local downwinders in the area, with full buggy support along the coast click the image to see the different options

You can also take a half-day or full-day trip to a flat water spot or other beaches nearby:

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