Horseback riding at sunset
Morning Ocean view
Full Moon at Vila Prea
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Vila Prea beachfront lawn and deck
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Activities for the ladies


Vila Preá offers full body massages and localized massages for special needs.

Our masseuse has extensive knowledge and experience in relaxing and tonic massages, as well as spot attention for heavy sports athletes. We use Vila Preá Pure Coconut Oil for all our massages. Schedule one at the front desk and prepare to relax on the deck of your bungalow while listening to the sound of the crashing waves and the wind blowing through the coconut trees!

The standard rate for a 60-minute, full-body massage is R$ 120.

Full-body massage on your deck!

Make a 2 week reservation and “like” us on Facebook to get a free massage!


This is by far the best manicure job I ever got done!

Vila Preá works with manicure professionals which can safely take care of your needs. The specialist will meet you on the deck of your bungalow while you listen to the Ocean.

R$ 80 for all your fingers and toes!

Horseback riding

Horseback riding trips are available at any time of the day or night. Altough we recommend going early in the morning or towards sunset when it is cooler. Full moon trips are always quite excitingcheck out the moon phase for an unforgettable horse ride!

– Rate is R$ 50 per horse per hour.

– Rides can be solo, or accompanied by a tour guide (extra horse to pay).

– Choose from docile to wild horses!

Walks & star gazing

Vila Preá is located in between the Ocean and large white sand dunes and the beach is safe wether it be during the day or at night, so feel free to explore the coast line or part of the National Park.

Check out the fishermen catching shrimp or going out to the Ocean or take a Full Moon walk along the coast.

It is also great for photographic sessions, mostly before 9 am and after 3 pm for best lighting conditions.

Wi-fi & more

Vila Preá offers fast wi-fi internet access all over the property and in your bungalow, so you can stay in touch with the world if you still want to.

Waterfront chill-out area

 Vila Preá also offers a large waterfront area close to the restaurant where can relax and sunbathe while checking out the kiters on the Ocean. Towels, sunbeds are available and a sitting area with wireless internet access if you want to stay out of the sun. 


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