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Morning Ocean view
Full Moon at Vila Prea
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Vila Prea beachfront lawn and deck
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Award Winning Restaurant

Menu 2017 - 2018

Best of 17

Vila Preá is not only a hotel with comfortable bungalows, it is also a first-class restaurant on the beach.

Opened in 2005 with the help of notable Chefs from Sao Paulo, Vila Preá won the title of Best restaurant of the Jericoacoara area out of 17 restaurants (see article in the state paper Diario do Nordeste).

Organised by the “Brazilian Association of Restaurants & Bars” the event took in consideration the taste and presentation of the dish.

Since then, the restaurant continually innovates and every year, new dishes are created using organic produce from the vegetable gardens (see the “Organic” tab above), imported ingredients and home made items (such as breads, jams or yoghurt).

Located right on the beach

The restaurant is open to the public from 12:00 to 9:00 pm, guests get to choose the best views!

Classy lunch & Happy Hour Caipirinhas!


Yes, 100% organic and non-GMO on your plate.

One of Vila Preá’s five organic vegetable gardens

That is what we are aiming for thanks to our vegetable gardens on the property and the help of local farmers. Over twenty different herbs, hundreds of rocket salads, lettuces, carrots, tomatoes, many kinds of peppers, even egg-plant, cucumbers and more, all grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or sprays. We also make sure the seeds used have not been genetically modified.

Many of the fruits served for breakfast also come from the garden, so you can expect fresh papayas, melon, watermelons and other fruit to end up on your plate depending on the season.

The herbs grown are both for the restaurant and for medicinal purposes here is a list of the items currently grown on the property and their common use:

Italian Basil










Erva Cidreira

Erva Doce

Sesame seeds

Sunflower seeds



Aloe Vera





Bell peppers

Purple peppers

Malagueta peppers

Pimenta de Cheiro

Espellette peppers








Cherry tomatoes


Rocket salade



Açais & other juices

Need a boost of energy? Trade your Red-bull for a bowl of Açai with Guaraná.

Açai, -pronounce “Ass-eye-yee”- is a dark-red berry from the Amazon area, it is particularly known for it’s high quantities of flavonoides (powerful antioxidants), protein, fiber and important minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphour, sodium and potassium. Additionaly it has large quantites of vitamin C, E, B1, B2, E & PP. In terms of nutrition, it is known as nature’s best superfood, litteraly.

The berries are hand picked from the Açai palm trees in the Amazon region, the pulp is separated from the large seed inside then packaged and frozen in packs of 100 g. or 1 kg. It is finally shipped allover the country (and worldly) via refrigerated transportation.

Preparing the standard bowl of açai:

Items required:

– 1 blender

– 1 bowl

– 300 grams of frozen Açai pulp

– 3 medium-sized bananas

– 1 tea-spoon of guaraná powder

– 100 grams of granola

Guaraná is a small fruit

very rich in tetra-methylxanthine,

(a caffeine-like substance)

which is slowly released into the body

over several hours

(unlike the quick spike

created by coffee).


1 Slice two bananas and throw in blender


2Break up the frozen pulp and throw in blender


3Pour one tea-spoon of guaraná powder


4Blend until smooth


5Pour into a bowl


6Slice the 3rd banana and place on the mix


7Pour granola and serve with a soup spoon

The mix is usually served in a bowl (“na tigela” -“Nah-Tea-Gela”- in Portuguese) covered with slices of banana and granola.

Healthy, tasty and energetic. You can find Açais (including Vila Preá’s Super Açai) together with other healthy juices at the bar. Try one and see for yourself!


The barmen at Vila Preá are proud to offer the most extensive selection of spirits and alcohols in Preá. Ranging from the mandatory Caipirinha to imported Champagne, you will also find Cuban RhumFrench Pastis, several kinds of Tequilas, Irish and Scottish Whiskies, special Vodkas and much more.



Pronounced  “Kai-pee-ree-nya”, this is THE Brazilian cocktail.

Freshly made caipirinha!

How to prepare a caiprinha:

– Take 2 to 4 limes (depending on size), cut them in quarters, remove seeds and throw into a wide glass, add two soup spoons of white sugar.

– Energetically juice the limes and sugar with a 1″ diameter wooden stick.

Pour the contents (including the lime skins) into a shaker together with some ice, a decent dose of Cachaça (a local sugar cane alcohol similar to white rhum) & shake frantically for 30 to 40 seconds.

Pour the mix in a whisky glass, add a small straw & relax!

Watchout as the limes and sugar cut off the taste of the Cachaça! If you drink too many of these you may wake up with a Brazilian hangover!

In case you do, best is to drink a lot of water and order an Açai for lunch!

Caipirinha glossary:

Want a caiprinha with a twist? Order a “Abacaxi-roska“. Following the same concept of the caiprinha, you will get pieces of “pineapple” instead of lime and “vodka” instead of Cachaca. Here is a little guide to help you out while in Brazil:

– If the name of the drink ends with “rinhathen it has Cachaca in it (the local, rather cheap rhum)

– If it ends with “roskait has Vodka in it (some places may have imported -better- vodka)

If you want a typical Caipirinha but with vodka instead of Cachaca, order a Caipi-roska. For other fruits follow the list below:













Good luck and happy caipirinhas!

Guests comments

 Already experienced Vila Preá’s restaurant?

Tell others how it is!

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