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Kitesurfers Paradise

Heaven ;-)
Side onshore
Warm water
No rocks

The coast of Ceara has been the ”guaranteed wind destination for windsurfers since they discovered Jericoacoara in the late 90´s. As kiting developped in the early 2000′s, kitesurfers  started flying to the windy coast seeking the same consistancy and tropical setting. The key difference with kitesurfers is the wind direction which is important for safety.

Because issues on the water can happen (loosing your board or crashing your kite, and not being able to relaunch), making sure the wind will bring you back to the beach -rather than out into the Ocean- is key! That is why side onshore winds are important for a safe kite spot.

Luckily, Preá benefits from  constant side-on-shore winds from 10 am to 6 pm, July through January, every year! Additionally, white sand, tropical temperatures and no obstacles or rocks on the beach make it safe for both beginners and advanced kiters to improve without fear of hurting themselves. 


The constant wind conditions are a result of a combination between the South-easterly trade winds and the local sea-breeze created by the National Park‘s arid climate. Keep in mind that while Jericoacoara is a better spot for windsurfers (with a wave created by the point and offshore winds), the side-on-shore wind direction makes Preá a safer spot for kiting.

Map of Preá beach showing side onshore winds blowing from one end of the beach to the other!

Side onshore winds blowing all along Preá beach

Note: Beach conditions may change at anytime, therefor please read the safety instructions thourougly and talk to the reception before heading out on the water.

Designed for kiters

 Unpack, pump up and go!

We have a kitebaoy always present to launch and land your kite, so you can stop for a drink and head back out, or go to your hut for a break without worrying about your gear.

Vila Prea is the only hotel on the beach that offers quick access to your kite equipment. Once you get to the hotel, you won’t even have to carry your bag anywhere since the storage lockers are under the restaurant.

 Eventually, when it is time to go home :-( , there is a large lawn next to the restaurant where you can wash down your kites and let them dry before packing up.

Flat water

Besides the flat water conditions at low tide, Preá is close to three different flat water spots:

1 Tatajuba, the flat-water lagoon

2 Guriú river mouth

3 Barrinha, the shallow beach


Because of the side onshore direction and the consistency of the wind, Preá is the perfect location for Epic downwinders!

There are many types of downwinders you can create, check out the two most common ones below, the 10 km Preá Beach downwinder, and the 36 km Tatajuba downwinder!

Rescue & repair

The kiteboy is always around when it`s time to launch or land your kite in front of the hotel and he is also there to make sure that everyone is kiting safely on the water. He can help rescue you in case things go wrong on the water and can also take care of your kite repair should it be necessary.

The kite repair is usually a next day service if you get your kite to the shop in the afternoon. Check with the kiteboy or at the reception and don’t forget to pay the shop directly for repairs.